While you are in Newcastle, you can have different places to visit. The place has acquired its name from the castle that is located in the place. It is the Castle Keep. It has still left an impressive sight though it is now in ruin. The origin of the castle was in the 11th century to be used as a defensive structure. Now though it does not play its role as the original it serves as the reminder of what role it has before and the history of the place itself.

The next area to explore is the Central Station that was made in 1845 until 1850. It was designed by John Dobsons. This was built with the principle that it would serve as the main railway station. It would cater to the Newcastle – Carlisle line. It was made with a design that also serves as a representative for a good architecture. They can also be the one who will serve as the sight to improve or influence the taste of people toward structural designs.

The City Walls is another place of interest and it was made during the 13th century. It serves as the wall that deter the plans of possible invaders. It is strong and not easy to conquer. It was the symbol of a strong defense in the 1940s but as time passed and went to the 18th century, it was demolished. Ther are still part of it that remains though that reminds of its existence and its use and importance in the past. It has the strength and magnificence that is the best around Europe at that time.