There are certain bridges that you can find in the Tyne when you will visit. One is the High Level Bridge which was built in 1845 – 1849. The is bridge was designed by Robert Stephenson which is famous in the Tyneside. This bridge was made to cater to road traffic and it has stood the test of time. Though it has been used by modern vehicles, only a few repairs have been made to it. It has handled heavy traffic and it is still being used.

Another bridge is the swing bridge that was built in 1868 – 1876. As there is the growth of the number of bridges being built in the Elswick works, there is a need for the swing bridge so that the crossing at the particular point of the river is continuous. When it was built, it was the largest of its kind of bridge in the world. For a more historical record, it was written that the first vessel that crosses is carrying the largest gun that was made. The engine that is used to operate it is the one that is still being used to this day.

The third bridge is the Tyne Road Bridge that was made in 1925 – 1928. This bridge became the symbol of Tyne to the whole world. Because of the increase in traffic so it was made so it could accommodate the traffic. When it was made at that time it holds the record as the largest bridge which is single span when it was finished.