The reasons why many visit the forest destination in England

The forest in England is one of the favorite tourist destinations for people who visit here. There is really a good effect on the well being when you can be able to see a forest that is thriving. A forest that supports the lives of the plants and other species that lives there. Going for a walk into the forest is a good activity as you can take time to focus on what is in front of you and your surroundings. Here are some of the facts that you can know about the forest of England that makes it attractive to visitors.

Some of the facts are that there are about 1.3 billion numbers of the trees that are found in England alone. The area that the Forestry Commission that has to managed reaches to 250,000 hectares of land covered with plants. The commission also had established key areas around the country. There are 40 of them. With this, the visitors also have numbered to about 40 million in one year only.  They do to choose in applying for their visa from this agency, look into their site here 台胞證. As bikes are allowed into the forest so the 41% of the number of visitors say they like riding their bikes in the forest.

There are also 57% that likes to walk in the forest doing it regularly and there are 27% that answers they like playing in the forest. Others like to have BBQ and birdwatching. There are many things that you can do in the forest. Travel now to experience this best travel. Conduct for your visa now here pop over this link. You can take a camp in the designated areas and have the time to stargaze when the stars appear.

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